2017 China-EU Conference on Sustainable Urbanisation: Innovation-Driven Development in New Areas

The 2017 China-EU Conference on Sustainable Urbanisation has been successfully concluded on 26th October, at China Academy of Urban Planning and Design (CAUPD). The conference aims to build on and continue the previous achievements of the EU-China Urbanisation Partnership, which was agreed in May 2012 by President Barroso and Premier Li Keqiang. In 2017, the conference commemorates the five-year anniversary of this Partnership. This conference plays an important role in the implementation of both the Partnership and the Ministry of Science and Technology’s Horizon 2020 Co-Funding Mechanism as a means of facilitating future discussion, collaboration, and mutual learning between countries.

Ms. HUANG Yan the Vice Minister of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MoHURD), Mr.YANG Baojun the President of CAUPD, Mr. Hans Dietmar SCHWEISGUT the Ambassador of the European Union to China, Mr. Ettore Francesco SEQUI the Ambassador of Italy Embassy to China, Mr. Geir O. PEDERSEN the Ambassador of Norwegian Embassy to China, the mayors of Spain and Norway, have all attended the conference and gave a speech. The European Commission also attached great importance to our conference by sending a group of representatives to attend.

This conference had brought together urban planners, policy makers, industry experts, practitioners, and scholars from around the world to share their insights, experience and solutions to the Innovation-Driven Development in New Areas.

Provided by CAUPD