A successful EU-CHINA Smart Sustainable Event in Brussels!

The EU-China Smart Sustainable Cities Event, 17 December 2019 in Brussels brought together around 40 actors involved in EU-China Cooperation on sustainable urban development. The event was divided in three sessions; One with key note speakers, one Workshop-style and the last part a combination of a reception and highlights.

Speakers topics were about the challenges and opportunities in EU-China within sustainable urbanisation. They shared important recommendations for implementation and cooperation and how it can contribute to implementing and localizing global agendas such as Agenda 2030 with its 17 SDGs, UN-Habitat’s New Urban Agenda, the Sendai Framework and others.

Christos Fragakis (EC, DG RTD) presented the future of the European framework programme and the European Commission’s ambitions in sustainable urban development with the launch of a dedicated mission and a partnership on urban transitions.

Roel Massink (City of Utrecht) highlighted the experiences of the City of Utrecht who is leading the EC funded Lighthouse project IRIS and how R&I projects can support and inspire public urban administration in their transition to urban sustainability.

JPI Urban Europe is one of the funding initiatives which has build up experiences in the collaboration with China. Johannes Riegler presented, most foremost, the joint call which JPI Urban Europe implemented with the National Natural Science Foundation of China and resulted in 11 Sino-EU projects.

The ambition of the EIT Global Outreach Programme: the cross KIC EIT China Hub which is soon to be opened in Beijing was introduced by Professor Mary Ritter. 

  • KIC participation: All 8 KICs and EIT
  • Objective: Establish EIT Community Hubs in Silicon Valley (San Francisco), Israel (Tel Aviv) and China (Beijing)





Vasileios Latinos from ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability presented the newly approved H2020 NBS Project REGREEN. The overall objective of the project is to promote urban liveability and accelerate the crucial transition towards equitable, green and healthy cities in both Europe and China. https://iclei-europe.org/

In the afternoon’s Workshop, the participants exchanged ideas and views on the main barriers and challenges, identifying important instruments for promoting change in on-the-ground EU-China cooperation on sustainable urbanisation.

For this part of the event, we used the www.mentimeter.com tool to collect views and ideas. Here are a few examples of what we received.


The evening reception was in good spirits of friendship and open innovation. The launch of our recent reports were announced by the Project Manager of UEC, Mr. Yu WANG.

The Award for EU-China Cooperation Excellence was handed over by Ms. Jessica HE from the University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China to the City of Essen, represented by Markus Pließnig. 

We can conclude that this was another successful event arranged by the URBAN-EU-CHINA, this time in cooperation with the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities.

2019年的URBAN-EU-CHINA 创新奖现已开放申请!



去年,URBAN-EU-CHINA城市创新奖授予曼彻斯特(英国)- 武汉(中国)合作伙伴关系,他们在可持续城市化方面已经合作了30多年,其中包括气候变化和环境保护、智慧城市和创新医疗保健。通过合作,两座城市发现了面临的共同的挑战,如人口老龄化、医疗资源分配不均、交通拥堵和气候变化等。两座城市共同致力于为这些城市挑战制定补救措施,并促进城市可持续发展,特别是智能城市建设,包括制造业、能源、医疗保健和数字创新。中欧城市合作是一个绝佳的范例,可以为其他中欧城市伙伴关系的伟大想法及实践的进一步发展提供丰富经验。

如果您有意愿参加URBAN-EU-CHINA 创新奖活动,请联系powerhouse@urbaneuchina.eu,并浏览我们的网站以获取更多相关信息。





如果您想深入了解,请查看我们的《中欧城镇化伙伴关系合作计划和指南》第二份报告,以及我们的第一份《协调报告》,其中包括资金协调以及中欧战略合作机制的建议 。所有报告都可以从我们的URBAN-EU-CHINA网站上下载。



中欧城市发布结对城市《合作规划与指导》 报告






How to stimulate collaboration? URBAN-EU-CHINA discussed at the EIP SCC General Assembly

On 12th of October 2017, a group of Chinese and European experts from the URBAN EU-CHINA project participated in the General Assembly of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP SCC) and organized a breakfast session related to the collaboration of European and Chinese cities. The discussion brought valuable insight on the future of EU-China collaboration and ideas to overcome challenges in cross sector collaboration.

Within the last years, any collaboration between European and Chinese cities have been established. In general, the interest from both sides is very high to collaborate, work on joint projects and to learn from each other. However, the collaborations in many cases could be deepened to facilitate concrete projects. The participants underlined that the brokerage service URBAN-EU-CHINA is providing is an important activity to arrive at real cooperative projects.

More concretely, the challenges which need to be overcome to stimulate cross-sector collaboration between EU and China have been discussed. The main take-aways for URBAN-EU-CHINA were the importance to match the ambitions and expectations between different stakeholders. Furthermore, the importance of city-to-city collaboration was mentioned as being central to stimulate exchange.