European Chamber’s National Chair of Construction Working Group Addresses at the 2017 China (Langfang) International Industrial Park Innovation Development Conference (11 June 2017)

The European Chamber was invited to the 2017 China (Langfang) Industrial Park Innovative Development Conference by the China Centre for Urban Development (CCUD), Smart City Development Alliance and Langfang Municipal People’s Government (Langfang Government). Mr. Javier Lopez, the National Chair of EUCCC’s Construction Working Group addressed as keynote speaker at the conference and led a delegation of 12 members to attend this conference.

Mr. Javier Lopez started his speech by introducing the Chamber and the Construction Working Group to the Chinese stakeholders at the conference, followed by the review on the EU-China Partnership on Urbanisation in the past five years. Mr. Javier Lopez further mentioned that the Chamber has been directly involved in contributing to the EU-China Partnership on Urbanisation through a Horizon 2020 project, the EU-China Innovation Platform on Sustainable Urbanisation. He concluded his speech by expressing the intent of working closely with stakeholders and EU-China business communities to continue to advocate for the concept of sustainability, the circular economy and harmonious development with the natural environment in the process of China’s urbanisation.