First version of UEC Research & Innovation Agenda for EU-China Cooperation on Sustainable Urbanisation expected to be released in May

The R&I Agenda was developed with input from Chinese and European urban stakeholders from public and private sector, academia and civil society. Here is a sneak peek, in which we recommend that Europe and China cooperate towards:

Cities of People & Culture: Joint measures for people-centred cities and communities, with cooperation mechanisms to support mutual learning of the important experiences made in practice.

Green Cities: Comprehensive and integrated approaches to create green cities and communities, with an integrated approach including environmental, technological, regulatory, social, cultural, economic, spatial and other perspectives.

Smart & Innovative Cities: Successful approaches for smart, innovative cities and communities, better and faster. Digital innovation in public sector, participatory approaches and public-private partnerships are needed for cities and communities to develop better urban services and infrastructures, de-risk, become more adaptive to external change and alleviate policy implementation bottlenecks. In short, to deal with any future challenges.

Cooperative Innovation: City-to-city partnerships, in particular larger scale clustering mechanisms at city and regional level that include increased cooperative innovation between companies, public sector, research and capacity building. In addition to individual city and regional cooperation, we recommend that China consider providing a funding mechanism similar to the European H2020 SCC01 lighthouse projects, and enabling the CFM to support joint calls for Chinese and European city-industry-research clusters, for knowledge exchange and cooperation with the Chinese New Areas and similar strategic urban projects.