From the China Center for Urban Development (CCUD) on Urban Resilience: Urban Water Issues and Urban Heatwaves

Recently, URBAN-EU-CHINA partner CCUD of the China National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), published two articles related to Urban Water Issues and Urban Heatwaves, with many international examples. They show the importance of  Urban Resilience, Green Infrastructure and use of Nature-Based Solutions in cities around the world, and how different cities deal with similar issues.

These have been translated into English by the CCUD, and can be viewed and downloaded under here. Please click on the links under the preambles for the full articles.

How do foreign cities deal with urban waterlogging?

Since the advent of the flood season, a number of cities in China have been hit by continuous heavy rainfall, and some cities have suffered from waterlogging. Urban waterlogging and flood emergency mitigation have become common problems faced by urban residents and administrators. For this reason, we have selected the cases of resilient foreign cities in coping with urban waterlogging and flood and improving urban emergency mitigation, in the hope of inspiring domestic cities.

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Long-term planning of and quick response to heatwaves

On August 4, the National Meteorological Center of CMA issued high-temperature warning for the 22nd consecutive day. The highest temperature was 37°C~39°C in Chongqing, Hunan, and Anhui, and even reached 40°C in local areas. The high temperatures in Northeast China had broken the historical record. Cooling measures such as “free refrigerators” and heat subsidies were introduced across the country. In fact, heatwaves take place frequently in summer as extreme weather events due to global climate change and urban heat island effect, so it is urgent to learn from the global experience as to how to enhance urban resilience for effective response.

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Articles provided by the CCUD