How to transition cities built on heavy industry to a more sustainable model

In a recent article by Mark Wessel published on, the collaboration between the 11 cities that form the pilot group Urban Transitions Alliance is presented and discussed.

The four U.S. cities Baltimore, Buffalo, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh, three German cities Dortmund, Essen and Gelsenkirchen, the Polish city Katowice and the three Chinese urban districts of E-Town and Huairou in the City of Beijing and Yuhua in the City of Shijiazhuan, have worked together for the past two years to tackle common challenges such as environmental degradation, unemployment and social inequality.

The eight European and U.S. participants in the Alliance are medium-sized, post-industrial cities, struggling with a wide range of challenges such as infrastructure reuse and rehabilitation, eco-energy transformation, the adoption of environmental mobility solutions and social inclusion. The Chinese districts in the Alliance are still heavily involved in the industrial sector, but are hoping to learn from how their European and U.S. counterparts have been and are coping with the challenge of transitioning from an industrial legacy in a responsible way.

The Urban Transitions Alliance is under the auspices of the 1,750 member ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability.

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