China Academy of Urban Planning and Design (CAUPD)


Lead of Task 3.2; Co-Lead of WP4, Tasks 3.3, 4.1 and 4.2; Contributor to Tasks 1.1, 1.4 and 3.1

Short description of the organisation

CAUPD is a national institution directly positioned under the Ministry of Housing and Rural Development (MoHURD), the entity that oversees all urban development in the country. Established in 1952, CAUPD is China’s leading urban planning agency and policy advisor, spearheading the formulation of new urban policies and providing research and technical consultancy on all aspects of the urbanization process. CAUPD’s expertise is broad and multi-disciplinary, spanning the fields of urban development, regional and master planning, civil engineering, architectural design, heritage preservation, and green city planning. As the sole national urban planning institute of its kind, CAUPD has an exceptionally strong and vibrant network of partners and affiliations. CAUPD produces approximately 90% of China’s urban master plans and as such, maintains an unparalleled relationship with various levels of the Chinese government. At the highest levels, these networks include but are not limited to: the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministries of Water and Land Resources, and the Ministry of Agriculture.


Baojun YANG, President of China Academy of Urban Planning and Design, professor-level senior urban planner. He was among the ranks of the National Talent Key Project in 2013 and was granted the name of National Expert with Outstanding Contribution. He is also the Standing Director of China Association of City Planning and the chairman of City Master Planning Committee.

During his professional career, he has directed and participated in hundreds of projects in the field of urban planning such as design, consultation and research. His representative work includes Study of Site Selection for the Beijing Olympic, Method of Urban Planning Organization in China, Research of Coordinated Development of Urban Agglomeration in Pearl River Delta, Strategic Planning of Guangzhou in 2020, Master Plan of Tianjin Zhongxin Ecological Town, Research of Urban-Rural Integration Planning in Hainan Province, Post-Disaster Master Plan of Yushu City, Strategic and Spatial Study of One Belt One Road Strategy, Research on the Developmental Stages and Outlooks for Chinese Cities,etc. He has won the first prize of China Excellent Urban Planning Works six times, the second prize also nine times and published more than 60 academic research papers. 

Jianming ZHOU is the director of culture and tourism planning department in China Academy of Urban Planning and Design. He received Ph.D. in Chinese Academy of Sciences. Dr. Zhou Jianming is an expert in urban planning, heritage conversation, and tourism management. He has taken charge of more than 50 national urban planning and heritage protection projects all over China, and has been manager of 5 heritage projects funded by China national nature science foundation (NSFC). Dr. Zhou Jianming is guest professor in Beijing University and Tsinghua University. He teaches urban planning and tourism management in Master and Ph.D. programs. He has often been invited to present his research and deliver lectures and speeches in prestigious conferences and academic and professional institutions.

Chang LIU is project manager at CAUPD which is responsible for Chinese national cultural heritage projects and urbanization research. She has been working as a project manager and policy support officer in CAUPD since 2013. She did her graduate studies and PhD at Brandenburg University of Technology, Cottbus in Germany. She has gained a critical and deep knowledge of the fields of urban development and renewal, cultural heritage, and sustainable city planning through sustained research and collaboration project. Dr Chang Liu holds a research project funded by China national nature science foundation (NSFC). She currently is guest lecturer in Beijing Institute of Technology, Capital Normal University in Beijing and Institute Heritage Studies at the International Academy Berlin. She teaches heritage and urbanization in Master and Ph.D. programs.