Project Outcome

The URBAN-EU-CHINA Innovation Platform on Sustainable Urbanisation aims to boost the development of  smart and sustainable solutions, services and technologies in Chinese and European cities and markets


The key barrier addressed by URBAN-EU-CHINA is the disconnect between strategic visions and targets and operational realities of time/resource constraints, language and cultural barriers, differences in planning/policy/ governance framework conditions within European and Chinese cities, and lack of effective bi-directional transmission mechanisms of transferable planning and policy instruments for sustainable urbanisation.

The key expected impact of URBAN-EU-CHINA is to develop a robust, evidence-driven bottom-up approach to complement the existing top-down EU-China strategic approach to sustainable urbanisation. This will be accomplished via a coordinated series of actions including: a strategic R&I agenda, scoping and assessment, networking events, peer-to-peer exchanges, benchmarking and monitoring, and joint demonstration projects. By creating tighter coupling between city-level, national, and supra-national programmes, planning, policies, and projects, URBAN-EU-CHINA will yield a significant increase in cooperative EU-CHINA R&I activities.

From its start in January 2017, the project has conducted a significant amount of meetings, workshops, surveys and reports. You may read some of the reports here:

D1.1 R & I Agenda (will be published shortly)

D1.3 Alignment Report

D2.2 Cooperation Plans and Guidelines V1, 2018

D2.3 Cooperation Plans and Guidelines, 2019 (pending EU approval)